Bellefontaine Switzerland is an exclusive brand of Swiss cosmetics with the unique products that generate a striking rejuvenation effect, returning youth and radiance to the skin. Bellefontaine offers unique professional facial treatments that effectively solve a wide range of aesthetic problems.

To prolong the achieved results, a specially designed range of home care products are about to help, following the best traditions of the Bellefontaine Switzerland trademark.

The founder of Bellefontaine Switzerland brand is Peter Yip, who stood at the origins of the creation of Cell Cosmetics and actively participated in the development of world-famous Swiss brands. Experience and close cooperation with the best research laboratories in 2005 led him to create an exclusive cosmetic line Bellefontaine Switzerland with its unique rejuvenating qualities.

Currently, all the products of Bellefontaine Switzerland are sold in many countries in Europe, Asia and America.

It has established itself as the exclusive and highly effective cosmetics of the new generation that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.