Beso Beach

We live in front of the sea and we choose our product with care. We dedicate ourselves to Mediterranean cuisine producing an authentic, pure flavor. The essence of Beso lives in our clients. Friends of the house and of our friends, every visit to Beso nourishes you with unexpected reunions. We are a tribe that worships the sun and the sea every evening.Beso Beach Formentera is found at the natural park of Ses Salines, a declared biological reserve. Here you will find white sand, crystal clear water, and authentic pirates.

We create premium, high quality perfumes with the finest ingredients, for those who love fragrances and everything that they can make us feel. Our perfumes have been developed by worldrecognized perfumers and created using the best available ingredients. We rely on the expertise and dedication of our local manufacturers, as we believe it is the only way we can infuse the brand with the Mediterranean culture we stand for.

The bottles
The elegant glass bottle is an ode to the contemporary spirit of BaLEARICS. Clean straight lines, high glass clarity and a strong solid glass "heel" define the quality and strength of the bottle while creating unisex brand appeal. The minimalist black and white front label clearly denotes the perfume name while portraying the simplicity and purity of our Mediterranean roots.