Contes de Parfums

Contes de Parfums, the exquisitely luxurious fine fragrance perfume brand that shares uniquely personal stories, by name.


Contes de Parfums as patrons of one of Europe’s most extensive perfume museums, Museu del Perfum , Andorra, are very conscious of the need to preserve countless perfume legacies for future generations to enjoy and understand. Strongly believing that as part of the perfume legacy it is necessary to honour those great perfumers, so often unknown and therefore undervalued.

It is in fact only the perfumer’s individual skill and craftmanship that can create true works of art. Their artistry and understanding of fragrance and their unique ability to bring this complex balance to life is a priceless gift that needs both recognition and celebration.

The birth of Contes de Parfums is a deliberate effort to ensure that there is a continuing legacy in the on-going history of perfume for some of the great perfumers of our time. Giving them not only the chance to express their exceptional talent and creative skill, but to clearly add their illustrious name, as their signature, to their unique and outstanding works of art. Generations of perfumers that will be remembered not only for their exquisite work but by their memorable name, guaranteeing that they are appreciated and valued for their tireless passion, dedication and exceptional craft, allowing us, and the generations to come, to experience their wondrously creative world,
emersed in unforgettable fragrance.


The Contes de Parfums project was born out of the need to create a unique platform where perfumers often in anonymity can, through their olfactory talent, express certain personal experiences first-hand, turning their creations into authentic works of art, whilst at the same time include their name as their signature.


Contes de Parfums is a very unique, luxurious brand of individual fine fragrances. Each fragrance with a very personal and emotive story behind its existence. A very captivating story, portraying a specific moment in life. Despite being personal, the exceptional perfumers behind these stories decided that they would now like to share this intimate moment directly with you… but a story not told by words. These highly gifted artists will relate their incredible private moments using the richly descriptive and exquisitely sensory language of perfume.