Ex Idolo

AN OUD UNLIKE ANY OTHER, BRINGING TO COLLECTORS FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER; VINTAGE OUDS AGED FOR OVER THREE DECADES True to the traditions of the grand houses of the golden age of perfume, Ex Idolo has created an exceptional rendition of this exalted Eastern blend using natural ingredients including a limited supply of a rare natural oud, distilled in 1980 and stored until its release in 2013.

Thirty-three is a fragrance crafted from very special ingredients; Because high quality,  distinctive ouds rely heavily on the provenance of their materials - Thirty Three differentiates itself by being the only modern perfume to use a significant amount of wild-harvested Chinese oud oil and natural Chinese rose oil. Contrary to most ouds however, Thirty-three is a surprisingly soft and velvety fragrance, and genuinely fits in itw own innovative space amongst oud offerings. Thirty-three is a deep and dark unisex fragrance, with dry and cold facets.

An invitation to discover
Matthew Zhuk, creative lead and curator for Ex Idolo fragrances, celebrates both majestic natural forces which come together to bring perfume into our lives; the unhurried process of the natural formation of the precious resins, locked inside living vessels until their discovery, the exacting distillation process and the to the delicate balancing act performed by the grace the perfumiers nose the / skill of the perfumier

The enticing elegance of subtle contrast
An unmistakable statement, but hovering close to the skin is a distinctive oud/patchouli accord. The depth of the wood contrasted by a dynamic, living rose, and a powderiness that dances across the pyramid of notes. Select modern fantasy notes complete this essence of rare distinction.