This brand is available exclusively in our boutique at Mokotowska 40 and on-line.

Clara and John Molloy founded Floraïku Paris in 2017. A trip to Japan, the encounter with a culture and an approach so delicate and respectful of nature - which resonates all the way to literature and the arts - convinced them to initiate a new brand.

Their experience as a perfume house, combined with this desire to unite different voices, from Paris, the cradle of perfume design, to Asia, the heart of refinement, won them over. An openness to the world that resembles them: she, born in Paris, literature lover, herself author of haikus; he, Irish by birth, curious globe-trotter, who previously worked for Kenzo Fashion in Paris for 5 years.

Floraïku Paris is a French perfume house passionate about Asian culture and its sense of refinement, using its olfactory know-how to create unique fragrances.

The fragrances are named after haikus, which are small 3-verse poems. The haikus are written by our co-founder Clara Molloy, or by writers who are friends of the house. Haikus, originally from Japanese literature, travel abroad thanks to the magic of words and poetry, to be shared universally and to bring people together. The haiku specific to each perfume gives its character.

Then, each fragrance belongs to one of our 3 collections, that pay homage to different ceremonies part of Asian culture, where flowers, teas and incenses play a major role. Floraïku fragrances are composed in the same way as a Haiku; a short formula showcasing precious natural ingredients.