Founded on February, 1st 1924, Parfums Isabey was at first known by the company name Société Parisienne d'Essences Rares & de Parfums and directed by Messrs Ehrt, Lara and Loewe. In May 1924 a luxuriously appointed shop was opened at 20 rue de la Paix with the name Isabey (after the painter Isabey, 1767-1855).

In 1924 the romantically named perfumes, Le Lys Noir, LąAmbre de Carthage, La Route d'Emeraude and Le Chypre Celtic were issued in beautiful bottles designed by Julien Viard with ingenious packaging by Sorys.

The perfumes, particularly Bleu de Chine, were a commercial success and were widely distributed in the USA where the brand was considered to be a symbol of refinement. A refinement which led to each fragrance being presented in limited edition bottles made of pearlised blown glass.

The bottle for the successful Bleu de Chine was also made in amethyst coloured Bohemian crystal by Ludwig Moser, Karlsbad. The economic problems brought about by the war incite the partners to stop production in 1941, but it was reborn these days.