It's with a great pride that Jovoy as a perfume house is now becoming as known for its Parisian boutique, as for its perfumes and candles collection. If Jovoy, created in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy, had to wait till 2006 to be output from oblivion, the new line of eau de parfums was made for lovers of beautiful raw materials, looking for contemporary fragrances, made in partnership with master perfumers.

It was important for Francois Hénin not to betray the perfume's lover by fake reissues fragrances called "vintage". The perfumes of the early hours of Jovoy were made for the mistresses of the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. In other world, opulent fragrance for women who wanted to be seen, using in quantities prohibited by modern law, raw material now often missing. If four perfumes are witnessing the revival of the brand in 2006, it is definitely the new collection, with the Parisian boutique, that points out the attention of perfumistas.

Years spent in Vietnam making the distillation of essential oils, in Grasse working for a perfume house or simply meeting the perfumistas in his Parisian shop... All Jovoy's perfumes come from François Hénin's memories, passion for raw materials and the need to deliver a fragrance with a story to tell, that keep their promises on skin.