On the 20th anniversary of foundation, Perfumery Quality Missala created its first fragrance: Missala Qessence. Qessence is the result of many years of Stanisława Missala's, the founder of the Perfumery Quality, relations with an extremely beautiful and immensely rich world of perfumes. She has always believed in beneficial effects of fragrances on human life.

Qessence is the essence of her thoughts, explorations and values that she professed while creating the Quality brand.The fragrance bouquet was designed in the French city of Grasse, world capital of the perfume industry, in cooperation with Jean-Claude Astier.

Qessence is of an oriental and woody character. Stanisława Missala made every effort to include the most valued notes: patchouli, oud, frankincense, saffron, coriander, iris, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and many more. Her dream was to make Qessence become a source of positive emotions and enthusiasm, which she herself has drawn from the surrounding perfumes over the years.

"For years, I have been watching as scents change people and their approach to life. They help shape their image and achieve success in love, personal life, at work. I discovered that perfumes are not only a simple set of fragrance notes - there is something more concealed beneath. My intention was to create a rich and deep fragrance that will help people be bold enough to pursue their dreams and achieve what they desire the most."