My Exclusive Collection

EMOTION AT THE HEART OF OUR CREATIONS. Reimagining the olfactory heritage of French Haute Parfumerie through the creation of unforgettable fragrances and extraordinary compositions.

Our creations are the culmination of the olfactory research from the finest perfume maker in the history of the fragrance industry. For My Exclusive Collection, he pursues his legendary journey to deliver the quintessence of his most exclusive formulas. His memories, his history and his permanent quest for excellence are his legacy which will forever be the source of our inspiration.

We have an olfactory library of formulas that will allow us to offer an unmatched collection in its diversity and
quality. It draws its inspiration and richness from the assembly of the most precious materials for elegant, unique and sumptuous creations.

Our fragrances become poetry, the essences intertwining like the verses of an Alexandrian that tell an endlessly renewed universal ode to perfumery.