Natura Bisse

Pure Air Bubble Experience

The Pure Air Bubble is essentially a traveling spa, an escape for the mind and a breath of fresh air for both the skin and the senses.

On the inside you will breathe 99.99% pure air, with no contaminating particles or viral, allergenic and bacteriological agents.

It is the perfect place to connect with the present moment and make the skin benefit from the treatment’s outstanding rejuvenating results like never before. On the outside, its structure swells out due to the pure air inside of it and its shape undulates as if being blown by the warm Mediterranean breeze.

Natura Bissé believes that every skin has its own voice. "Our philosophy is that your skincare must adapt to you. We create skincare for individuals, for each chapter of their journey. We fuse pioneering technology with the power of touch. Innovation with a deep emotional sensibility. This is our trademark, our heritage, and our commitment to you."

NATURA BISSÉ was founded in Barcelona in 1979 by the Fisas family. During the 80's, NATURA BISSÉ focused on establishing the brand and sales in the national market. These years were important for NATURA BISSÉ as it developed products based on what the skin needed according to experts and professional aestheticians. These professionals demanded highly efficient products with exclusive selections of ingredients and high concentrations of active ingredients. These demands, in turn, resulted in NATURA BISSÉ acquiring a tremendous amount of factual information, expertise and know-how. This knowledge regarding skin needs has given NATURA BISSÉ's products the added-value component that allows it to compete as a leader in the market of the most exclusive brands.

The wide range of NATURA BISSÉ products can be divided between facial and body rituals for treatment rooms and retail sales. All in all, NATURA BISSÉ has 150 products that cover all of the skin's needs. All of these products make up an extensive catalogue that clearly positions NATURA BISSÉ as a trailblazer in the research and development of new formulations and innovative products.


In the year 2000, NATURA BISSÉ inaugurated its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the Parc Tecnológico del Vallés (Barcelona), where other companies using the latest technologies are set up. The current facilities include a modern, up-to-date manufacturing plant that allows for the expansion of the Center of Research and Development while boosting the productive capacity of the company, a key aspect for the firm.

The company's continued commitment to research, development and innovation has resulted in the creation of exceptional lines based on the use of the highest concentrations of highly effective ingredients and new textures. This is how truly innovative collections such as GLYCOLINE, ESSENTIAL SHOCK INTENSE LINE, C+C VITAMIN LINE or OXYGEN LINE have been created.

However, the company's flagship product lines are the legendary DIAMOND COLLECTION (global anti-aging treatment) and the INHIBIT COLLECTION (the most serious and effective cosmetic alternative to microinjections), as well as THE CURE COLLECTION (a beauty cure that addresses the needs of skins subjected to a modern lifestyle) and the innovative NB-CEUTICAL COLLECTION (hypoallergenic cosmetic treatments specifically created for sensitive skin). All of these lines are developed with cutting edge technology that has become the trademark feature of NATURA BISSÉ's identity and prestige.