Nissaba was the Mesopotamian goddess of writing and grain. She is one of the oldest Sumerian deities attested in writing, and remained a prominent goddess through many periods of Mesopotamian history. As well as the ancient goddess, Nissaba is born to connect people with nature - farmers or consumers - and spread its knowledge to the world.

Nissaba honors nature with fragrances. Fragrances with natural extracts that connect us to the soils, plants and forest they come from. Fragrances that are the authentic incarnations of these lands around the world where aromatic plants flourish. Along with perfumers, Nissaba wants to pay tribute to nature?s harvesters who keep these lands alive.

Circularity and essentiality are our guiding principles for the design of our products. Every time it's possible, we choose packaging materials that are recyclable, reusable, biobased, or upcycled. Our refillable bottle has the lowest possible weight versus capacity ratio, in order to minimize the carbon footprint of the final product.