Opalis was created in 2001 in Paris by Sophie Quincerot. Her inspiration and vision came from her passion for style, beauty and fashion. Just like with skin, taking care of one's hair is an essential part of one's beauty routine. A key part of Opalis philosophy of is to ensure that looking after your hair does not have to be a chore but a pleasure.

Opalis flagship Boutique & Institute are based in the heart of Paris by Champs Elysées. The Boutique & Institute create unique and atmospheric space dedicated entirely to the beauty of hair. Since its creation Opalis has gone from strength to strength. Its products are available in the most exclusive stores throughout the world.

Opalis products are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients (essential oils, vegetal oils and vegetal extracts) which ensure optimum effectiveness. Results are visible rapidly. The virtues of those ingredients have been known and appreciated since ancient time and to this day remain unchallenged by cheaper chemical alternative. None of Opalis product contains silicone. Also, to ensure quality, all the essential oils and vegetal oils/extracts have been selected rigorously amongst the best producers.

The smooth textures of Opalis products combine effectiveness and sensory pleasure. In the hair care industry, the textures of Opalis products remain unique. They were formulated especially so that the daily care of the hair is a pleasurable experience and each use is renewed with anticipation. Just like with the raw materials, Opalis is proud to use only natural fragrances. Those are very specific to the range and give it a true identity. They are immediately recognizable: orange flower extract, vanilla, sweet almond...

Defining the qualities of Opalis, three strong colours were chosen: black (simplicity and timeless elegance), ivory (smoothness) and gold (luxury). Beyond the importance of aesthetics, the containers (pots and jars) were chosen with care to shield the products from damage, particularly light, thus ensuring that all the natural active ingredients retain their precious qualities.