Parfum d'Empire

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato's profile is an unusual one: he is both a perfumer whose fragrances conjure intensely sensuous worlds, and a scientist who has studied the secrets of scent production in aromatic plants. His fascination for the noblest raw materials and their history in different cultures has driven him to explore the realm of the most mysterious of our senses: the realm of perfume...

"From time immemorial and in every culture, perfume has been about seduction and spirituality. With Parfum d?Empire, I wanted to bring it back its original meaning, its erotic and sacred origins. Amorous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest: perfume is a conquest, perfume is an exploration.

To give a contemporary expression to this tradition, I draw on the noblest of raw materials, but also on my emotions and on my intuition, because nothing is more universal than what is most intimate.
The breath of the gods and the emotion of the flesh? My scents are an invitation to explore the most complex and mysterious of empires: the realm of the senses.."


How far is too far?

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has chosen a physical, fearless, baroque perfumery.

As the nose and owner of his brand, with a PhD in the chemistry of perfume plants, he is sole sovereign of his lab. His unique profile affords him total artistic autonomy. Freedom isn't given, but conquered!

Parfum d'Empire combines an exuberant use of rich materials with the sense of balance that characterizes the Grand French manner. A radical, personal style that leaves its imprint. A stance against stunted, cookie-cutter juices. Resonant, tempting, penetrating...

Parfum d'Empire: an invitation to conquer the realm of the senses.