Umbrellas featuring splendid designs, fabrics, decorations and handles. Masterpieces that bring this "Made in Italy" label to the entire world while the large competitors offer poor quality articles at the lowest prices every day. In spite of the overall crisis in an industry with very few competitors, in the countryside of Mantova in Castellucchio, there is still someone who continues to produce "DOC" umbrellas and distribute them in every corner of the world, using a brand name that just passed the half century mark: Pasotti.

Eva Giacomini, the owner, explains:

"The company was started in 1956 and was founded by my mother, Ernesta Pasotti, who began producing 'one of a kind' umbrellas that she sold directly, sometimes riding her scooter. Then, with my father Vittorio Giacomini, who mainly took care of sales, the company grew from a small artisan company to a large one with over one hundred employees. Today there is no room for such an industrial production, due to competitors from Asia, so we have downsized and we mostly concentrate on limited edition products.

We have a huge collection of designs, styles, handles and we also do private label. They are the result of the imagination and creativity of my parents first of all and today of my husband, Mauro Begotti. In addition to designs and fabrics we work on the handmade handles and on the trimming: from Swarovski crystals, sewn by hand to garnets, just to give two examples. We make 30,000 umbrellas a year: they are very high quality products that are sold in the most prestigious boutiques in 55 countries all around the world. And the overseas market is truly continuing to grow, thanks to Nicola Begotti, the next generation."

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