Puredistance is an independent company that offers a truly exclusive collection of master perfumes created by master perfumers in London and New York. Customers can choose between four elegant and timelessly beautiful fragrances (pure perfume extrait) and various accessories that harmoniously combine classic and modern design.

Puredistance was founded in 2002 by Jan Ewoud Vos. His dream was to create a small Perfume House that offers true exclusivity and timeless beauty. Working together with Master Perfumers from London, Paris and New York he feels very privileged his dream has come true.

Puredistance has become one of the most exclusive & luxurious Perfume Houses in the world. The Puredistance brand has grown almost entirely by word of mouth advertising. Customers in more than 30 countries dearly appreciate the high quality and strong personality of the Puredistance Perfume collection.

Puredistance is the one Perfume House in the world that offers only Pure Perfume Extrait: the most precious version of fragrances with the highest concentration of perfume oil. We put all our passion and energy into the making of one truly beautiful Perfume at a time. Not just another perfume, but a Perfume with a soul and a signature.

At Puredistance we don't follow trends, but focus on creating timelessly beautiful Perfumes and packaging. If you fall in love with one of our Perfumes it could be for life! Another essential component of our brand is true exclusivity. The Puredistance Master Perfume Collection is sold only in a very limited number of specialised perfumeries in more than 30 countries.

All Puredistance products are assembled by hand with great care and a strong eye for detail. The finishing work of all products and all design is still done in-house.

"Puredistance for me is a voyage to the essence and in the essence lies beauty. The kind of beauty that is timeless." - Jan Ewoud Vos, Founder of Puredistance