Royal Crown

Antonio Martino is the heir of the ancient family Visconti, a Florentine master gloves makers and perfumers in France at the beginning of the 20th century. According to him, creating a perfume is like dreaming. He imagines the smell, the taste and the sound it will have. He does not sniffing, sampling jots down a formula, claims he knows exactly what the final result will smell like.

Says Antonio "It is like writing music. Each component has a definite tonal value. I can compose a celestial melody or a funeral march."

The Royal Crown perfumes go through distinct phase of production that include different macerations for each olfactory family (woods, spices, resins, roots etc.). Only later, and following established time sequences, are they infuse together and allowed to mature over time in dark, quiet spaces. It is this that allows to obtain the highest level of olfactory perfection vital in the perfume is to reach the highest level of quality that make it so unique and so desirable.

The Royal Crown parfum is the triumph of artistic craftsmanship brought to the extreme limits of excellence, exclusivity and artifiace. Proposed in original and elegant Florentine cristal bottles, Royal Crown is considered ?a rare gem in a world of standardized brands?. Dreaming scents created to satisfy the prevailing desires of an elite public.