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Me, my Selfie and I!

Your hand seizes the object, your arm swivels in choreographed precision, it is now before you, and you tap to hear a slight click, telling you the operation was successful. Then the revelation occurs: there you are. Two of today’s rituals coming together: the perfume ritual and the Elfie gesture. A fragrance bottle or a smartphone, turned toward you, in the same way: a form of guided celebration.

By dedicating a fragrance to this photographic vertigo, Olfactive Studio has effectively played the self-portrait card, version 2.0, taking ownership of today’s egotistical desire to leave one’s trace, be it olfactory or visual. The mirror on the bottle reflects but one image: yours, in exactly the portrait you decide it shall reflect. An image that looks like you, only, it aims to surprise.

There is a common vibe here, a kind of kinship in these two actions. Perfuming oneself and engaging in auto-photography share a common motivation: to render more 'real', more in-the-flesh, one's presence in the world…and to make it known. The social media via which your image circulates serves simply as an extension of what your perfume, your scent, establishes. The accords and notes of a composition are perhaps the viral form, the wandering molecules of your aura.

If a perfume calls itself Selfie, clearly it aspires to exist within a community, even an imaginary group, so as to not be forgotten. It attracts attention, without a doubt. Is it a narcissistic, self-centered mirage? More likely a social statement. A point of departure for an interpersonal game. Your scent is often the first thing that distinguishes you and announces your presence. It reveals your personality. All alone in the world, would you choose the same fragrance? Through your fragrance, you present and represent yourself; you showcase your mood and communicate precious information about your true, inner self. You orchestrate your visibility on the spot: a spritz here, a click there...

This is a full-bodied fragrance with original head notes. It captures the moment and sanctifies the instant. It is a playful perfume that can blow you away and that cultivates a bit of mystery. It can flaunt its many facets, assured of its appeal. It carries with it a certain sense of addiction and compulsion, regenerating itself while nurturing its obsession. It seeks not perfection, adopting rather a biting, confident, opportunistic, crafty and affable identity. Smile! You’re perfumed!

Bewitching and addictive, Selfie is the fragrance of a comforting staging of self; the spectacle of a constantly renewed surprise. It has character thanks to its animal accord evoking suede (styrax) and its chypre notes.
With its cozy notes of maple syrup with sparkles of spices, resin, sandalwood and tonka beans, Selfie is in a class of its own.

Top notes: Elemi, Ginger, Star anise, Incense, Angelica
Heart notes: Accord of Maple syrup, Cinnamon, Lily, Cabreuva
Base notes: Accord of Suede, Styrax, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Tonka bean, Sandalwood

Thomas Fontaine
Thomas Fontaine


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