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The history of Puredistance began in 2002 with the concept of Puredistance I - Annie Buzantian's signature fragrance. And with the upcoming premiere on issue 12 - almost 20 years later - we've come full circle. A circle filled with many beautiful stories.

The world of Puredistance has been shaped by amazing and natural stories. What I mean by natural is that all of these stories are true stories and just happen in a spontaneous and organic way; they are never pre-cooked or made up.

I think the word natural will be the key word in future notions of beauty. Beauty, like anything emotional, is relative and depends a lot on culture and time. However, some beauties seem to be universal and timeless. The magic of the sunset. Mona Lisa. Chopin's Nocturne. Buddha beliefs. Grace Kelly. Parthenon. The scent of rose...

It seems to me that there is something natural about timeless beauty that I miss in many contemporary concepts of beauty. At Puredistance, we do not follow these trends and stay away from what I call "false and forced beauty". We do this by following our heart and listening to our intuition. Respecting nature and everything natural. Learning from the past. By exercising patience. And we always try to follow the Puredistance motto: "Less is more."

I believe perfumes can survive times and trends when the people behind them really care about what they do. And try to do what is right, with passion, patience and a warm heart.

Our newest perfume Puredistance No. 12 - created by Nathalie Feisthauer in Paris - I named "Beauty in Blue". It's a perfume that I immediately fell in love with when I smelled it for the first time. Dressed in a deep shade of blue which is my favorite color, I found the perfect perfume to complement the Magnificent XII collection.

For me, Puredistance No.12 is complex, rich, difficult to define, full of character, enduring in every way, and aristocratic without arrogance or pretensions. I hope you will have similar emotions!

In 2018, the 5th of June, I received an eail from Lana in Zagreb. She is a dear friend and represents Puredistance in the Balkans. She told me the well-known Parisian Perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer would like to create a perfume for Puredistance. The next day I called Nathalie and asked her to coe over to our Headquarters in Groningen for a first meeting.

July 9, Nathalie stepped off the train in Groningen and I drove her to our old "church" in the heart of Groningen. She was welcomed by our team and in the afternoon we sat around the table smelling 11 different scents Nathalie had made. While smelling the firs one - labeled "Gold Taffeta", which was described as "a sophisticated and rich Chypre note" - Nele and I instantly looked at each other, and our eyes exchanged the same message: "I love this perfume!" Although the 10 remaining fragrances were also given our full attention, it was Taffeta that left an indelible emotion.

August 12, I wrote to Nathalie:

"From all the perfumes you have shown us, Taffeta left an eotional imprint on my scent memory that is lasting. I cannot forget it. So we treid it again ang again and found it to be equally beautiful as the first time. To me it is 100% Puredistance. Long lasting, rich, different, stylish, special and full of character. But it is NOT GOLD to me (at the time we were still looking for a perfume who could create Puredistance GOLD for us). Therefore I propose to you to forget about Puredistance GOLD and use Taffeta for the last Puredistance Perfume in our collection of 12. The name will be Puredistance No.12".

The idea behind is that we started with Puredistance 1, which was the signature scent of Annie Buzantian. Now we complete the collection of 12 perfumes with no. 12, which is more or less your signature scent, or dreamscent, or whatever you want to call it, since you told me you have been envisaging thes scent very clearly in your mind and then, after a long tie, matched this dream perfectly, one-to-one, in reality. Which never happened this way with other perfume ideas. So this is a unique perfume to you and a beautiful story to tell. And in line with our first perfume. To me a grand and great and beautiful way to complete the MAGNICICENT XII COLLECTION (this will be the name of our collection of perfumes).

The way I see it now is to launch Puredistance No.12 late 2020. I hope I have not disturbed your holidays with this message, but I thought better write you now before you five Taffeta to someone else. :-)"

And so Taffeta became Puredistance No.12. A perfume Nathalie has dreamed of for many years and with the creation of No.12 this dream has come true.

A grand perfume that wraps around you like a cashmere veil, leaving a feminine, mysterious trail. A perfume like no other, in many ways timeless and hard to describe with words. I feel that Nathalie has perfectly captured the universal harmony, the timelessness and the magic of the concept of "XII" in her creation. Ingredients:
Top notes: Cardamom, bergamotka, kite, narcissus, tangerine, ylang-ylang
Heart notes: Hedione® HC, absolute osmantusa, geranium, heliotrope, iris butter, jasmine absolute, lily of the valley, orange blossom, rose
Base notes: Ambroxan, ambrette, oak moss, patchouli, piżmo, sandalwood, tonka bean, wanilia, wetiwer
Nathalie Feisthauer
extrait de Parfum
Nathalie Feisthauer
extrait de Parfum
Hedione® HC
absolute osmantusa
iris butter
jasmine absolute
lily of the valley
orange blossom
oak moss
tonka bean
Bób tonka


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