Holiday Season Gift Set 7x10ml

995,00 zł

2023 Holiday season visual is inspired by the Swiss art of paper cutting, a unique know-how, originally coming from China.

As old as the beginnings of paper making, it is a subtil combination of tradition and modernity as is Memo. But above it can be seen as a map and an itinerary through a landscape like our perfumes because those pieces of art are representation of climbs to the mountain pasture.

This intricate tradition full of proud memories, the finesse of the details, the magic of a childish world and the scenes of daily life are the intriguing elements of the art of paper cutting that have inspired our illustrator to create this unique Memo Paris’ visual.

Memo Paris continues to celebrate its bestiary of emblematic animals for the end of the year, which accompany each perfume in the Cuirs Nomades collection. For an occasion like Christmas, it was necessary to be able to bring them all together and show their majesty. The tradition of the cut-out design, forming a single landscape crossed by animals on their way to promising heights, was then imposed.

The Swiss alpine pasture gave way to Paris, the inaugural city for the house, the Eiffel Tower giving the idea of the coveted summit. Instead of the usual herds, a more colourful fauna came to life: lions, deer, dromedaries, tigers, birds, among others, all animals linked to our fragrant destinations.

They have wandered freely around the city, driven by the attraction of the scents, and now they are coming together to experience this festive moment.

Their journey begins as it should at the Cambon boutique. Irish Leather's horse gives the impetus and they converge towards this long-awaited appointment, towards a fir tree at the foot of which everyone's dreams are waiting. On the way, each animal they meet carries with it a bit of its magic, its universe, its destination, to form the  Christmas map of this fabulously faun year for Memo Paris.

GIFT SET 7x10ml

Irish Leather, Marfa, French Leather, African Leather, Inlé, Italian Leather, Eau de Memo.

The perfect gift to offer at Christmas: each day until New Year Eve, discover what’s behind the door!

Conception: no plastic, only paper and fabric ribbons



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