Cellstemine Eye Contour Perfection Cream 15ml

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Involved in the fight against skin aging, Bellefontaine has dedicated 100% of its know-how to offer unique skincare with exclusive formulas and textures to answer to the specific needs of all skin types and delay the visible signs of aging. To achieve this mission, the R&D department is constantly working on improvement and new product developments to push back the limits of skin aging. As the first cause of skin aging is gradual cellular degeneration, Bellefontaine wanted to pursue its fight against aging by answering to this essential issue.

For this coming year, Bellefontaine R&D team pushed further its research in biotechnology and focused its attention on plant stem cells to offer a whole line of targeted anti-aging treatments for face and body to better prevent and fight against the signs of aging: the Cellstemine.
The Cellstemine line, developed with highly selected plant stem cells, offers efficient anti-aging treatments that protect skin stem cells which are extremely sensitive to external and internal aggressions. Rare and collected in the heart of plants, plant stem cells demonstrate surprising qualities and are able to infuse a tremendous boost of youth and life to skin stem cells. By targeting skin stem cells, plant stem cells act on internal factors to create a perfect environment in the different layers of the epidermis so skin cells can flourish and function effectively.Thanks to appropriate formulas, Cellstemine skincare keep the power of regeneration of the skin intact for a younger skin.

As the eye contour is the area where the first signs of aging appear, Bellefontaine wanted first of all to focus its attention on this delicate area and develop a complete anti-aging treatment for eye contour wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles: CELLSTEMINE Eye Contour Perfection Cream.

The eye care treatment is one of the most important skin cares to fight against the visible signs of aging. Bellefontaine’s Cellstemine Eye Contour Perfection Cream gives an efficient anti-aging solution to effectively treat and prevent eye contour wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
This product has been developed in order to bring a real efficiency through a powerful Eye Cell Complex and a perfect blend of plant stem cells in a richer texture.

For this treatment, Bellefontaine Research chose two plant stem cells that will work in synergy with the Edelgen® Complex already well-known for its anti-aging properties. To specifically treat the eye contour, an exclusive complex has been developed and selected in a significant concentration to visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Morning and evening, apply the Eye Contour Perfection Cream with light massage all around your eyes.
Using your middle fingers, gently press on the three pressure points right under the brow bone. Gently press for 3 sec. and release. Repeat the process right above the cheekbone.
Using your index finger gently massage the eye contour moving from the inner of the eye to the outer corner. Proceed under and above your eyes including above your eyebrows.
Eye contour area care
Eye contour area care


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