Fairlucent Pack White (Mask) 100ml

355,00 zł

Keep your skin beautifully lucent and suppress pigmentation with this cream-type brightening pack that can be both rinsed or wiped off.
Suppresses melanin production, prevents pigmentations and freckles.
Prevents sun and snow burn. Lucent skin: skin that is moist and translucent, appearing to glow.
Suppresses melanin production, prevents pigmentations and freckles.
Soothes skin that’s been exposed to UV rays.
Prevents heat sensation after sun or snow burn.

Formulated with:
Brightening ingredient Stable Vitamin C Derivative (APM) (active ingredient)
FL W-extract (skin conditioning ingredient)
Gentiana Lutea Extract (skin conditioning ingredient)
Glycyrrhizate Derivative (active ingredient)

Can be either rinsed off or wiped off depending on preference, season, etc.
Rinsed off for a fresh, hydrated finish, or wipe off for a smooth, moisture finish.

Recommended for:                                   
- Those who want their skin to have skin less tendency to develop pigmentation.
- Those who want to prevent pigmentations that appear as a result of indirect UV rays exposure.
- Those who want to prevent heat sensation after sun or snow burn.
- Those who spend a lot of time exposed to UV rays.

Directions for use:                                            - After washing and massaging, dry your face thoroughly and take an appropriate amount(about half a tablespoon) on the palm of your hand and apply excluding the hairline, around the eyes, and lips.
- Leave it for about 5 minutes, and then rinse away with (lukewarm) water or wipe off with tissue paper.
It is recommended that you apply the mask to the skin 2 to 3 times a week.

How to wipe:
- Put a tissue paper on the face, lightly press down, and remove the mask, transferring it to the tissue paper.
- Next, press a folded tissue paper down on the remaining mask and remove. When there is no more white, blend the remaining moisture into the skin.
* Cleansing lotion is not needed.
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Face care


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