C+C Vitamin Splash Lotion 200ml

245,00 zł

Citric revitalizing spray

Osmosis filtered lotion that hydrates, refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Revitalizes mind and body with its aromatic properties. Provides instant well-being.

· Mediterranean citrus are known to be a rich source of vitamins.
· Oil-free and suitable for all skin types.
· For daily use at home or for sports.
· Ideal as a revitalizing spray for travel.

· Any time of the day to refresh the skin.
· After showering as a treatment before hydrating the skin.
· Spray on face and body.
· Do not apply directly on the eyes.

· Natural wheat and birch sugar: a derivative combination of vegetal and natural ingredients (glucose and xilitol)
that provides a high level of hydration and prevents transepidermal water loss.
· Bitter orange extract: the lipid components of the Mediterranean essential citric oil in this extract provide
energy and vitality to the skin. Hydrating, antioxidant and re-mineralizing.
· Arginine: an amino acid with an exceptional capacity to store water, helping to form a hydro-protective film on
the surface of the skin.
· Essential citric oils: an exclusive blend of essential oils obtained from orange blossoms as well as several citrus
fruits (bitter oranges, sweet oranges, different varieties of lemon, tangerines and grapefruits) that tone, decongest
and revitalize all skin types.
· Essential oils: oils from lavender flowers and roses as well as mint leaves, patchouli and rosemary among others
that enhance the relaxing and energizing properties of the citrus oils.
· Osmosis filtered water: subjected to a triple and delicate purification process, this water is exceptional for use
for any high standing facial or body treatment.
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