Diamond Extreme Rich Texture 50ml

1 680,00 zł

The next generation of Diamond Extreme takes it even further in recharging the skin’s energy with a new global anti-aging solution.

This luxurious cream is enhanced with Smart Energy Complex, an ingredient that helps revitalize your skin, while complementing its natural cycles of daytime protection and nighttime reparation for unbeatable age-defying results.

Diamond Extreme Cream is presented in two textures. The rich texture is ideal if you prefer an emollient cream with a luscious finish. If you prefer fast-absorbing creams and a matt finish discover our light texture.

The 5 dimensions of skin rejuvenation
- Energizes the skin for impressive age-defying action
- Delivers a visible lifting and firming effect
- Helps reduce the look of wrinkles
- Intensely hydrates to reveal supple and soft skin
- Restores balance and enhances skin resilience

1. PROVIDES SMART ENERGY: The Smart Energy Complex —a blend of Artemia salina, extract of peony root and ChronoSkin— is a powerful infusion of energy that works in sync with the skin's circadian cycles for enhanced results.

2. FIRMS: Mastic crystal tear oil, pea extracts and Ceratonia siliqua help minimize the look of sagginess and beautify facial contours.

3. SMOOTHS: The peptide ingredient Peptixyl ProYouth helps soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

4. REPLENISHES: Niacinamide, plumping effect lipids and phytosphingosine hydrate and boost the moisture barrier to improve visible plumpness and elasticity.

5. REBALANCES: Prebiotics and a cocktail of antioxidants help minimize the visible effects of external aggressors and deliver impressive anti-aging benefits.
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