Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask 5x2 pcs

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The area around the eyes is a veritable black box for the body, recording and revealing the passage of time and the onslaughts of modern life. With every new candle on the cake and every sleepless night, the skin around the eyes becomes a bit more creased, stressed and tired. This temperamental part of the face requires expert care that combines potency and finesse.
To counter the signs of fatigue and fight the effects of time around the eyes, Valmont developed two new treatments formulated in accordance with the laws of cosmetodynamics. By merging molecular activity, product galenics and absorption kinetics, the ingredients zone in on their physiological target, bringing precise action to bear on the aging process. Optimal effectiveness!
With MOISTURIZING EYE-C GEL, an intense moisturizing and re-plumping gel, and EYE INSTANT STRESS RELIEVING MASK, an energizing and smoothing decongestant patch, Magicien du Temps offers a new rejuvenating solution designed for anyone who wants a radiant gaze.

15 minutes is all it takes! Like a veritable power nap for the skin, EYE INSTANT STRESS RELIEVING MASK instantly relaxes the skin around the eyes, spectacularly improves the texture of the skin and smooths wrinkles and fine lines, while firming and toning the tissues.

Compact, lightweight and easy to apply, EYE INSTANT STRESS RELIEVING MASK is a prime partner for men and women on the go. One click on the activation pouch is all it takes to generate synergy between the anti-wrinkle algae biomatrix and the anti-dark circles/anti-bags liquid. Fresh and soothing, these ergonomically designed patches can be placed under the eyes with a single motion.

EYE INSTANT RELIEVING MASK can be used as an occasional SOS treatment when the signs of fatigue become too visible (long week, sleepless night, jet lag, etc.) or as a regular cure to maintain a dazzling gaze.

• Smoothing action:
Triple algae biomatrix, naturally rich in sodium and magnesium and fortified with calcium, infuses the skin with minerals and moisture. Once its ionic gradient is balanced, the skin appears smoother and brighter, with newfound freshness.
• Re-energizing action:
Rich in caffeine, arnica and green tea, the activation liquid stimulates micro-circulation and drains toxins to diminish dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Eye contour area care
Face care
Eye contour area care
Face care


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